Live the Life You Deserve!

Essential Concierge offers luxury personal concierge, vacation home concierge and business personal assistant services in San Diego, and South Coastal Orange County. Our programs are designed to complement your lifestyle, so have the time to actually enjoy your life!

The crazy pace of running a company, maintaining the household and trying to have a social life often makes it impossible to get everything done. Essential Concierge runs errands and assists with household and lifestyle tasks, so you have the time to enjoy the things that are most important to you.

Our personal assistant services differentiate from other concierge companies in the attention to detail we provide:

  • We learn about you, and we troubleshoot on your behalf
  • We partner with you to accomplish your tasks exactly the way you would do them yourself
  • We create a “second you,” so you can live life the way you want it to be
  • Our team consistently looks out for your best interest

When you say “I need groceries in the house,” we know if you’re organic or fast food. If you need a housekeeper or landscaper, we have resources and relationships with credible vendors. We’re respectful of your privacy and we treat tasks with confidentiality and integrity.

As our lives become more complicated, balance and simplicity can be harder to find. Trusting someone to manage home repairs, schedule appointments and assist with lifestyle services requires a relationship that you feel good about. We invite you to talk with our team, and see if we’re right for you. 

Many of our clients are CEO’s. Whether you are a CEO of your household, or have a business role, Essential Concierge will look out for your best interest with professionalism and confidentiality 24/7. Please take our time/cost assessment to find out what running errands are costing you. Then, visit our menu of personalized services to learn about the expertise and benefits we can provide. We are happy to provide a free consultation.