Live the Life You Deserve!



Essential Concierge lets you enjoy life the way it is meant to be.   

In today’s hectic lifestyle, time is our most valuable resource and it requires an investment strategy to enjoy it well. When we’re over-tasked, it shows up in a variety of ways including feelings of stress, distraction, and tiredness.

Essential Concierge personal assistants open up time so you can: 

  • Enjoy a night out
  • Stop working during vacations and on your days off
  • Spend time with an aging parent
  • Get to the gym 
  • Take a break from your mobile phone…  

Essential Concierge Helps You to Recharge and Enjoy a Most Extraordinary Life.

Our team offers a wide array of personal assistant, senior concierge, wedding concierge and corporate concierge services to make life more enjoyable.

If you’re wondering if a personal assistant can be of benefit, please take our time/cost assessment to find out what running errands are costing you.

Then, learn about the personalized services we offer and contact us to receive a free consultation.

Our team is bonded and insured. We’re respectful of your privacy and we treat every client with confidentiality and integrity, 24/7.

Corporate Concierge, Real Estate and Relocation Services

Essential Concierge provides an array of corporate concierge, relocation and professional employee benefit services, throughout all of Southern California.

We support your company by supporting your employees and tenants in a variety of ways. In turn, they can be productive, maintain work-life balance, and feel happier at the end of the day. 

Please contact us to learn more about benefit services available to the corporate sector.