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Essential Concierge offers a wide array of personal assistant services in San Diego and South Coastal Orange County, California. These include:

  • Personal Concierge
  • Luxury Concierge
  • Absentee Home Care
  • Corporate Concierge
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Wedding Planning
  • Event and Meeting Planning
  • Personalized Services

We are bonded and insured. We’re respectful of your privacy and we treat tasks with confidentiality and integrity, 24/7.

Essential Concierge takes the “to-do list” off your plate, that drains your time and energy. For corporate clients, we support employee engagement by doing the same. Our team focuses on household and lifestyle tasks, errands, and other special projects, so our clients can focus and enjoy what’s important.

Our Philosophy

  • Best in class service happens through dialogue with our clients first- and with the vendors, contractors and the referrals that we make
  • We consistently look out for our client’s best interest and troubleshoot on their behalf
  • We accomplish tasks with efficiency and expertise- exactly the way our clients would if they had the time

Your Energy is Your Most Valuable Resource. What’s Your Investment Strategy?

When your over-tasked, it shows up in a variety of ways. It can become normal to disconnect from things that matter most.  Sometimes it shows up as being too tired to fully engage during a friend’s dinner party, sometimes it’s having to work during vacation. Sometimes, it’s missing a child’s soccer game or cutting a visit short with an aging parent.

Essential Concierge Helps You to Recharge and Enjoy Your Most Extraordinary Life.

If you’re still wondering if a personal assistant can be of benefit, please take our time/cost assessment to find out what running errands are costing you. Then, visit our menu of personalized services to learn more about the types of benefits we provide and contact us to receive a free consultation. We look forward to assisting you