“If you’re tired of feeling tired, then Karen’s warm-hearted style and passion for helping others can help you achieve freedom from the mundane, and have more time to enjoy life.” Patti R.

Welcome! I’m Karen Knight, Founder of Essential Concierge.

I started this company at the recommendation of a good friend more than nine years ago, and I’ve never looked back. I love Essential Concierge because we’re able to provide a stronger sense of balance, health, and happiness to our customers by taking the their “ordinary” and least favorite items off their plates. I also love mentoring those entering into this wide and amazing field of hospitality.

My executive level backgrounds in both the tourism and building industries come in handy when assisting and supporting clients. I believe that service is only part of the story, true hospitality spirit requires dialogue and relationship with customers and vendors.

Some fun notes about me:

  • Assisting with the oversight and management of remodels is one of my favorite tasks.
  • I am an avid animal lover.
  • I’ve not yet figured out how to stop my dog from stealing stuffed animals from the neighbor’s home.
  • Hiking and dog beach are among my very favorite weekend activities.

I invite you to get to know our company offerings. Everyone on our team has a background in hospitality and we put forward our best every day for every customer. Essential Concierge has the goal to make a positive difference in your life. We’re passionate and committed to helping you enjoy life balance, free time and the wonderful intangibles that life has to offer.

Please contact us for a free consultation. If our company is not a good fit, we’ll refer you to another professional.