Ivett brings special talents to Essential Concierge. She is known amongst her friends and clients as a down-to-earth, lets-get-it-done kind of person, who finds solutions where others might not even look. She credits her Hungarian upbringing, where things were not readily available and survival depended on her abilities.

Her love of design and style brought her to work in luxury retail at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Tiffany & Co and for ten years. She also owned a high end La Jolla gift and decorative items boutique Monaco of La Jolla. Ivett has worked with many corporate and affluent private clients, assistants and house managers, helping them with projects such as finding unique gifts, organizing parties, designing decorations, making special arrangements and creating one-of a kind experiences.

Ivett has also specialized in personally assisting San Diego residents and international clients who are not familiar with American traditions such as bridal showers, helping them navigate our customs with ease and grace.

Standard as part of our practices and policies, Ivett’s unparalled finesse always keeps her clients’ privacy intact.

Ivett has been a regular contributor to Mainly Mozart events and is a design advisor to some of San Diego’s magazines.

Her attention to detail, her experience with many aspects of projects and her knowledge of local vendors makes her a very valuable addition to our San Diego Essential Concierge team.