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Is a Property Management Firm Always the Best Choice to Care for Your Vacation Home?

Your vacation estate is your escape. However, vacation homeowners often do not know where to turn for assistance with their second home, especially if they live out of state. Their retreat requires personal care and special services during their stay, above and beyond what a typical property management firm provides.

Whether you are in San […]

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Why Working with a Professional Concierge is Priceless

During the pandemic, there are a lot of pop-up concierges, anxious to get into the market, discounting services and promising the lowest rates available.  Most pop-up companies are not-insured and bonded; they do not provide extensive training, nor do they vet their vendors for the same. In some cases, they’re running operations via out […]

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Local Charities in Florida Help in the Recovery of Hurricane Irma

Today, our team at Essential Concierge gets right to the point. As family and friends regroup after Hurricane Irma, we’ve found some local nonprofit organizations that are aiding in their recovery. The American Red Cross is always a good choice, but if you’re looking for other ways to help, one of these non-profit organizations may be for you.

Feeding […]

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15 Ways We Can Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

There’s an abundance of opportunity to contribute to new hope in Houston and its surrounding communities…
As our brothers and sisters in Texas and parts of Louisiana have a long journey ahead to recover from Hurricane Harvey, we’ve found some local
charities that you may consider in the aid of their recovery. A special thanks […]

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The Real Reason to Hire a Personal Concierge

I went searching for an article to post on “why hire a personal concierge”, and quickly realized there are numerous articles, nearly all citing reasons such as “peace of mind” and “saving money”.  Although these are true, I’d like to approach why you should consider hiring a concierge from a slightly different point of view.

Remember […]

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Remember to Laugh During the Holiday Season

It’s November, the season to give thanks.

In addition to our resources, our money and our time with family and friends, it’s worth noting that during the season where crazy becomes the norm, humor is a gift not to be missed.
After all, what rejuvenates the soul more than a healthy dose of endorphins, best achieved […]

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San Diego’s Real Estate Market is as Hot as Ever!



From time to time, we like to bring you outside expert opinions on subjects that we are asked about. Many of Essential Concierge’s clients are either new to the area, need assistance with relocation or own a vacation home locally. A special thank you to Realtor, Lisa Golden for supporting our readers with a […]

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Wondering Where to Start with Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual where we take time to freshen up our homes and get a head start on the enjoyment of the spring and summer. Experts recommend that you tackle spring cleaning on a room by room basis, and schedule an allotment  of time (typically no more than 2 hours) so […]

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Date Nights – Can a Personal Concierge Help?

Whether you’ve been dating for a long time, are newly married, have young children, or have been together for years, date nights are important for every couple. If regular date nights are not part of your current schedule, this is a great opportunity to converse with partner to check priorities and see what can […]

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Healthy Habits – Turn Off Work & Turn On a Happy Life

Do you ever find it challenging to shift out of “work mode?”  Both men and women struggle with this everyone needs to know how to turn off work in order to lead a healthy, happy and well balanced life.

Connection to our mobile devices often act as a leash to the office when we are […]

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