Today I write about a fragile subject, and that is the loss of a loved one. As a concierge, I have had families reach out after a loss seeking help in organizing an estate. And while our company is a terrific resource to get started, many are not aware that there are estate services companies who are experts in the organizing and sorting of lifetime possessions. Working directly with an estate service company will help a family during an emotional time to appraise and fairly valuate property, and of course liquidate any assets that need to be sold.

Personal Assistants are a resource to get you into the right hands when there are multiple tasks to be accomplished. Whether it is an estate service company or contractors such as painters, landscapers, realtors, staging companies and housekeepers, a concierge can be of help. Hiring a personal concierge can make a huge difference in relieving the stress that goes on during an emotional time. Essential Concierge has helped our clients find the help they need when they’ve needed it most. We have worked closely with vendors to screen their qualifications and references, waited for their arrivals, and made sure that schedules were met.

Additionally, during the past ten years, I have personally known three families to lose a loved one, who unfortunately took their own life. Surprisingly and not surprisingly, two of them were not aware that the cleanup of this heartbreaking situation was a biohazard matter and required a professional team for the cleanup. In all three situations, this cleanup was covered under their homeowner policy. Never should another family member or friend be tasked with this distressing task. I have found that the companies that specialize in this type of cleanup are caring, considerate and respectful of the family dynamics that occur during a time of grief. They respond quickly and professionally and are often referred by the homeowner’s insurance company.