Whether you’ve been dating for a long time, are newly married, have young children, or have been together for years, date nights are important for every couple. If regular date nights are not part of your current schedule, this is a great opportunity to converse with partner to check priorities and see what can be outsourced in order to open up connection time with each other.

Check your schedules jointly to see if there are chores that can be moved or combined in the interest of finding an afternoon to just have fun with each other. Perhaps you will find that it makes sense to outsource unwanted errands and high time consuming tasks to a personal assistant.

Scheduling  your date night on the calendar also helps to make it happen. Dates nights are easy to push to a lower priority if they are not scheduled in. Having a night or afternoon that is focused on fun and romance with your significant other, is essential to a healthy balanced life.

Planning your date night ahead of time also helps make both you and your spouse feel special and loved. If your work week is too busy to plan the details, perhaps you and your spouse can take turns to plan romantic dates. Some couples get trapped into thinking that a day of doing yard work or running errands together count as romantic connection time. Think beyond what “has to be done” and instead commit to pure romance and worry free, pure fun.

Personal concierges can help to find nannies, sitters, tickets to events, and hard to get reservations. The team at Essential Concierge can  can also help with planning and ideas on what to do when you get stuck. Many activities are free or little cost. From hiking, to pie tasting, wine tasting, street fairs, picnics in the park, the list is long once you start to look around. Check your local convention bureau website activities and ideas to help you to play tourist in your own community.