Do you ever find it challenging to shift out of “work mode?”  Both men and women struggle with this everyone needs to know how to turn off work in order to lead a healthy, happy and well balanced life.

Connection to our mobile devices often act as a leash to the office when we are not physically at work. It becomes ingrained in our nature to pick up a call or respond to a text, and not even think about the quality of life that it takes away. We all need time, whether it is working out, enjoying personal leisure or spending time with family or friends.

That being said, when you feel like life is running in overdrive; is it simple to shift into low gear? Or does it take more than that? Take time to evaluate what the driving forces are behind creating personal priorities. Have there been layoffs at the office, or is there a big project that needs to be finished? Or, has corporate culture invaded into some “not so healthy” habits?

A few simple tips that may help is to include calendaring downtime into your schedule, in the same fashion that you would schedule a business meeting. Consider turning off your cell phone or place it on airplane mode when your time needs to be about you. Eliminate the temptation and instead enjoy the time without it. Even if it is just an hour a day, you have the opportunity to “tune out while you tune in” to a quality of life experience.

Another tip is to consider rethinking how you manage your errands. Are there time-eating tasks that can be completed online? Nowadays everything from groceries to stamps, to movie tickets is easy to find without getting in the car and navigating traffic. And of course, a personal assistant or personal concierge can make a big difference. A personal concierge can research, make referrals, place orders and help to absorb time-consuming errands and chores. Using a personal concierge can provide the link to work life balance, while eliminating the stresses that are keeping you from enjoying the life you deserve.