Your vacation estate is your escape. However, vacation homeowners often do not know where to turn for assistance with their second home, especially if they live out of state. Their retreat requires personal care and special services during their stay, above and beyond what a typical property management firm provides.

Whether you are in San Diego, CA, or another area in the country, when it comes to managing an estate, used for, and by the family and friends, a personal concierge company may be a good choice.

Cost – Most concierge companies charge for the time spent at or related to the care of your vacation home.  Their fees include only the work that is actually done on your estate, not annual or monthly fees whether work is done or not.

Dependability– Concierges vet and have good working relationships with an array of service providers. They have established relationships with folks who provide quality work. This helps to minimize the number of outside agencies needing access to your home during remodeling, repairs, or preparation for your stay.

Personal Concierge Service – Concierges learn about the things that are important to you, they can stock your favorite groceries and household items prior to your arrival. They’ll make sure the pool is warmed up, and turned off after you leave. They look out for many other details too so your vacation is pleasant from the start.

Lifestyle Services – Not wanting to cook? Concierges can schedule services such a personal chef, or a massage therapist, or airport transportation. They’ll also make sure the house is properly cleaned, expired groceries are thrown out after your departure, trash cans are taken out – and back in.

Property checks– Personal concierges conduct regular property checks, run water and appliances, start car engines, and customize services based on your needs. A good concierge will also schedule extra home checks and prepare your yard/home for inclement weather.

Annual and Scheduled Maintenance Checks– Concierges set schedules and expert reviews of items that should be looked at on a seasonal and annual basis.

Moving Services– Personal Concierges can assist with moving services, set up, and organizing your new vacation home. They’ll meet moving companies, car deliveries and sign for packages. Additionally, a concierge can assist with waiting services for services such as the internet or home theater up.

Remodels – If you have remodeling work to be done, your concierge can assist with contractor referrals. They can conduct walk-throughs, keep projects on task, and alert you to unexpected challenges that sometimes happen when a wall is opened up.

Personal Shopping – Personal concierges can support the homeowner with shopping for items such as flooring, tile, pool toys, toasters, just about anything.

Collaboration and Advance Scouting– Independent concierges are able to work in advance of your purchase with a local realtor. They can provide insights into homes and properties from a lifestyle perspective, to help you decide if a home for sale is worth a flight out to see it.

If you live in the San Diego, or South Orange County, CA area and would like information regarding personal concierge services, contact Essential Concierge. Everyone on our team has residential building industry experience and we are members of the National Remodeling Association Industry in San Diego (NARI). We invite you to find out if our team is a good fit for your family and your vacation home.