It’s November, the season to give thanks.

In addition to our resources, our money and our time with family and friends, it’s worth noting that during the season where crazy becomes the norm, humor is a gift not to be missed.
After all, what rejuvenates the soul more than a healthy dose of endorphins, best achieved through laughter?

Find time in the busyness of the holiday season to find humor in the experiences:
• Standing in line for long periods of time
• Slow drivers and red lights
• The person in the parking lot who just cannot wait for you to go by before they back up

Look for blessings in the folks you meet at the post office because you forgot to buy stamps online. Find joy when getting a package home and you find that one of the items arrived broken, or the USB cord was not included. And when the cookies burn just before company arrives.

There is a bright spot in every lining, a gift in every experience. Find it.

We all laugh at similar things, and sometimes completely different things. When we find laughter we ultimately find our compassion. Compassion is the depth of their character which completely escapes those who get wrapped up in the small stuff. Compassion is what leads us to help others.

If your schedule becomes too busy to enjoy these blessings, Essential Concierge is here to help. Our personal assistants can manage the errands, returns, shipping, shopping, party planning and the running around that can steal the “joy” out of the season intended to bring exactly that. Contact us to learn more.