Create a Life You Love!

Essential Concierge has one purpose; to simplify your life. We create a “second you”, so you can spend time with family, friends or doing whatever it is that you love.

Individual and commercial concierge service packages are customized and designed around your needs. We’ve been asked to help with just about everything from errands, to assistance with home remodels, to hiring staff. Please contact us today for a free consultation. If your request is not listed below, just ask. We can accommodate almost any task.

Personal Assistant Services

  • Project manager/Remodels and organization
  • Vacation home and estate services
  • Relocation assistance
  • Shipping
  • Moving/Staging services
  • Travel planning
  • Lifestyle services
  • House sitting and pet care
  • Personal and VIP gift shopping
  • Package shipments
  • Move in/Move out
  • Catering/Personal chefs
  • Matterport photography

Home Watch and Absentee Home Services

Our top requested service is home care for second homes or care for primary residences while they are on vacation. Whether you have an estate, a beach house, or a home with a country setting, our team coordinates everything needed.  We are a “one-stop shop” when it comes to all the folks who help to care for your home.

  • Check on condition of property, water plants
  • Project management/ General contractor oversight
  • Coordination of housekeeping, window cleaning, and other home services
  • Oversight of general contractors, deliveries, and landscapers during remodels
  • Checking home locks, windows, running water, automobile batteries, etc.
  • Home inventory documentation
  • Screening and recruitment of estate staff/Property management companies
  • Grocery shopping, item picks ups, general errands, shipping
  • Party planning, catering, personal chefs and RSVP management
  • Personal shopping for hard to get items
  • Local Activity recommendations, reservations

International Relocation 

Southern California attracts people from all over the world. Being new to an area can leave a family floundering in trying to understand and participate in local holidays, special celebrations and traditions.  Whether it is an upcoming wedding, an introduction to new in-laws, a company party, or learning how to navigate schools, shopping and other expectations, our team can help.

Relocation Companies

Essential Concierge works with several relocation companies, assisting with move ins, move outs, and new-home research. Contact us to learn more.