Class A Commercial Building /Corporate Concierge Services

Essential Concierge helps commercial leasing companies and businesses to get off the rollercoaster of guessing how to engage employees. Instead they scale services and programs that measure real results. Outcomes that consistently raise morale, improve teamwork and create opportunities for higher productivity.  In tandem with your team, we custom design concierge and employee/tenant appreciation programs that make the workplace somewhere that workers want to be.

Whether Essential Concierge provides on-site or virtual concierge services, we support the culture, the retention and happiness of employees and commercial tenants.

We’re strong believers of including community outreach when possible.  Our services focus on meaningful life moments, and why/how perks truly benefit your tenants or staff members. The return on your investment is measurable in stronger culture, creativity and cost savings in recruitment.  We provide reporting to help you demonstrate actual engagement value.

Whether your focus is to bring corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the workplace, or lightening the time/life stress load of your employees, we’re producing results for companies regardless of their size or location.

Personal Assistant services can make a difference for everyone…from busy executives to front-line workers.

  • Employee appreciation events
  • Programs & services such as yoga classes, food trucks
  • Events with a focus on corporate social responsibility
  • Meeting management/Trade show planning
  • VIP arrangements, travel support
  • Employee volunteerism programs
  • Local business preferred price/discount programs

Concierges treat every employee and every project with professionalism, warmth and excellent customer service. We take pride in bringing the community to the workplace, when the workplace cannot get to the community.  Our team expands the reach of what a typical company can touch with local businesses and nonprofits by up to 50 fold. We love sharing this very special part of our business, and encourage you to contact us to learn more.

Essential Concierge also offers unique human resource benefits  that are great additions to any employee program offering. These include:

  • Home insurance documentation – to support an employee should they ever be at loss as a result of a natural disaster
  • Grief-related waiting services for employees after they experience a loss, and support during the day of the service
  • Assistance with assimilating into American customs and planning shopping, schools, etc.
  • Research and management for next level of family care
  • The gift of time can make a great thank you or benefit perk as well

Programs can be customized to meet nearly every budget. Our clients have had amazing retention results and we know the same can happen for you.  Please contact us today to learn more.