10 Great Reasons To Hire Essential Concierge for Your Vacation Home

If you own or are planning to buy a luxury vacation home in the San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, or South Orange County Coastal areas…Essential Concierge may be a better choice for the care of your home than a typical property management firm.

  1. Cost – Our team charges you for the time spent at or related to the care of your property.  We do not charge a yearly fee. We charge only for work that is actually done on your property or related to the care of your property.
  2. Consistency- We vet all service providers who perform work for you and we have many established relationships in the local community. This minimizes the number of outside agencies accessing your home for repairs.
  3. Vendors and Referrals- We have great working relationships with a number of professional providers. If they’re not a good fit, we’ll research another company in your best interest. Whether it’s a landscape company, housecleaner, pool care or pest control company or plumber, general contractor, locksmith, organizer, etc., you have peace of mind that we work with these folks at multiple locations. They’re talented, easy to work with, and available when something urgent arises.  We’re also happy to work with any of your favorite preferred vendors.
  4. Personal Concierge Service – Essential Concierge can stock your favorite groceries and household items prior to arrival. We’ll place out patio cushions, make sure spider webs are not covering outdoor furniture, and many other details so your home vacation is pleasant from the start.
  5. Special Services – Our team can arrange for special services such as a personal chef, or massage therapist, Matterport photography, security and home-risk checks. We also make sure expiring groceries are thrown out after your departure, trash cans are taken out – and back in.
  6. Preparation for Guests – Are you expecting houseguests or family to use your home while you’re away? Yes! We provide the same concierge services that we would for your family’s arrival.
  7. Property Checks- we conduct regular property checks, run water and appliances, start car engines, and customize service based on the uniqueness of your property. We provide extra checks and preparation when needed for rain and wind storms. We send you regular updates using the communication method you prefer.
  8. Annual and Scheduled Maintenance Checks- Our team schedules expert reviews of items that should be looked at on a seasonal and annual basis. Whether it’s a roof inspection or oiling of an Ipe wood deck, we can assist in scheduling inspections and the work to be done.
  9. Moving Services- Our team has assisted several clients with moving services at their new vacation home. We can meet moving companies, car or boat deliveries, and accept packages.  Additionally, we’re able to unpack and organize your home in advance of your arrival and assist with waiting services things such as the internet or home theater set up.
  10. Remodels – If you have remodeling work to be done, our team can help! We assist with contractors’ referrals, conduct walk-throughs, keep projects on task, and alert you to unexpected challenges that sometimes happen when a wall or floor is opened up.  We’ve also helped clients with shopping for tile, flooring, paint, etc. Our team will set Face-Time and online meetings to help our clients select their perfect items.

Essential Concierge is a lifestyle management company.  We are not a licensed property management company. Unless we are working under the direction of the homeowner or licensed realtor, we are not able to assist with rental properties. Please contact us to learn more and find out if our team is a good fit for your new vacation estate or home.