I went searching for an article to post on “why hire a personal concierge”, and quickly realized there are numerous articles, nearly all citing reasons such as “peace of mind” and “saving money”.  Although these are true, I’d like to approach why you should consider hiring a concierge from a slightly different point of view.

Remember the feeling you get when you’re trying to do an internet search but the connection is slow and it drives you crazy? Or you’re stuck in traffic and every signal light in your alternative route turns red just before you arrive? Perhaps it is the same feeling you have when you spend valuable time coordinating everyday services such as housekeeping, vacation home care, researching and waiting for contractors, plumbers or rain gutter inspectors. Maybe it’s the preoccupation with other things you’d like to be doing when you’re waiting for oil changes, tire changes, or trying to plan parties while you’re at work.  And yes, it may even be the “uggh” feeling you get when you’re making a second trip to the grocery store because you’ve forgotten something.

Whether you have a lot or a little of extra time, a personal concierge can remove the attention distractors that consume free time. A concierge can help You to Enjoy Your Time the Way You Want to Enjoy it. Having a personal concierge to manage the details, in many instances provides you with the convenience of having one point of contact, rather than many. A concierge, sometimes called a personal lifestyle assistant also can provide (housekeepers, car detailers, window washers, etc.) with a single point of contact. As a result your voicemail/text/email does not fill up with items related to multiple schedule changes, vendor quotes, or invoices that need to be screened for accuracy of recent services received.

These services may run like clockwork for you. If however, they’re reducing quality time with family, friends, travel and anything else you may enjoy, the best reason to hire a personal concierge is to Enhance the Quality of Your Life.

A personal concierge should Enrich Your Lifestyle and Your Happiness. When hiring a personal concierge or personal assistant, having trust and a good relationship is key to success. We also believe that previous experience in hospitality or the service industry is essential. After all, this person’s role is to consistently look out for your best interest. Find someone who is resourceful, and can think quickly when problems occur. A concierge should be detail minded, and know when his/her skills are strengths in service and when they others should be brought in to meet your needs.

If you live in the San Diego, CA area and would like information personal concierge services, please contact us. We also invite you to find out how much errands are costing you; take the cost assessment test on EssentialConcierge.com.