You can do it all, but does that mean you should you do it all? Priorities are set best early in the year while resolutions are fresh and optimism is high. The beginning of the year is also a busy time for most employers, and it is easy to get pulled of course of your personal wellness agenda, even before it starts.

To help you prioritize and organize, take a quick inventory, not just of the closets that need to be cleaned out, or the deck that needs to be painted, but of friends and family you want to spend more time with. Make a list of the relationships you want to connect and reconnect with, and consider including the activities you’d like to enjoy while visiting with them. Take some time not just to reach out, but to calendar in dates and times, even if it is just for catch up phone calls. Scheduling as little as 15 minutes a week to do something you enjoy, to connect with loved ones can make a big difference in your attitude and energy during the week.

Honestly, balancing work and home is often a challenge. So if a project has multiple tasks consider bringing in a home organizer or a personal assistant to help. In San Diego, Essential Concierge helps clients to identify resources for a wide array of personal and small business requests on a regular basis. We tackle the things our clients could do for themselves, but they realize that mundane errands are not worth missing out on family and personal time.

Whether you hire the kid next door to rake the leaves, or you are in need a professional bill payer, there are many options to help fill the gaps of completing the tasks you do not enjoy. A good personal concierge or assistant will have a contact list full of local resources available to support you.