Welcome to our first blog of 2015. Today we address the benefits if having a personal assistant. Asking someone to run errands may sound like a luxury, but if you consider having time for more things that matter such as family, children, friends, the value of a personal concierge becomes intangible.

A concierge takes items off your plate, typically the items that are not rewarding, and often have no other description other than time-sucker. Mundane errands such as picking up dry-cleaning, looking for contractors, and researching providers for services are commonly on this list. Imagine if you had a day where you would not have to leave messages, or have receipt numbers in front of you when a vendor calls back. You would not be trapped waiting at home for a plumber or an HVAC provider, or having to sit around at the repair station while new brakes are installed or having the oil changed.

Would it make a difference? Would you fit in the extra workout, have a stronger heart as a result?

When hiring a personal concierge, discuss the details that are important to you. Whether you use a service for bill pay, event planning, personal shopping, hiring vendors, grocery shopping, pet sitting or something else, discuss the elements that bring you peace of mind. A professional concierge creates a second you, completing your tasks exactly the way you want them done.

Some of the key skills to consider when hiring a personal assistant include how your preferences for convenient methods of communication. Training in hospitality or another service industry, along with practical hands-on experience in multitasking and problem solving are great questions to ask as part of their background and experience. Good time management, organization and a strong network of resources are essential as well.

Many concierges specialize in just a few services while others provide general lifestyle and home management services. When hiring a concierge, be sure you discuss your needs and expectations openly. In turn your concierge can open up your time and help you create the life you want to live.