Many people complain that Valentine’s Day is a holiday generated by the card companies. If a cynic can get past that, our hope is that they will be reminded that the spirit of Valentine’s Day is love, and if there’s one thing the world can always do with more of, it is love.

With a week or so to plan, there is plenty of time to make the day special for yourself, for your loved one, and for family and friends too.

Consider sending a card to cheer up a friend or senior who perhaps has had a recent rough go of it. Send an affirmation out to someone who has overcome diversity. Hide candy hearts under a child’s pillow; stash a note inside to let them know how much you admire them.

On this special day, flowers are only one expression of love. Time together, helping to make someone’s load lighter with thoughtfulness represents the “soul” of the holiday. A homemade pasta meal can be as meaningful as a fancy evening out when the meal is made with love.

Make this week count. Even if you are single, caring for others and sharing in their happiness is what brings life balance, joy and long lasting memories. Take some time to let others know you care.

For those with a really busy lifestyle, a concierge can take away the stress of deliveries, shopping and more. We’re here 24/7 to help. More than using a delivery service however, Valentine’s Day is about just being with the ones you love. If you cannot be with them, be sure to send them love from afar.