During the pandemic, there are a lot of pop-up concierges, anxious to get into the market, discounting services and promising the lowest rates available.  Most pop-up companies are not-insured and bonded; they do not provide extensive training, nor do they vet their vendors for the same. In some cases, they’re running operations via out of state call centers and hiring off sites such as Craigslist.  Their approach does not help the consumer or the concierge industry as a whole. Rather they undervalue the outcomes of what an independent concierge can provide.

To better demonstrate what a personal concierge service can do for you, I thought it might be worth to describe what is a typical day for our team.

  • Meeting with contractors to get quotes to remove a fallen tree that took out a fence and a deck.
  • Meeting with a bee removal company who will take out an elaborate beehive in a tree in an exclusive neighborhood.
  • Researching pest control and security companies for a client who has not been able to get into newly purchased vacation home because of CV-19 lockdown.
  • Finding a contractor who is working during the pandemic to repair water damage caused to a home from recent storms

Managing the above are clearly timesavers for our clients. More importantly, via these personal concierge services, it allows our clients to have the following:

  • A yard safe and back in order so 12 grandchildren (six under the age of six) can play safely
  • A beehive safely removed, saving the bees, and removing the hazard of dogs and children being stung
  • Time opened up so our clients can spend their day focused on saving their business
  • A remodel completed so when the CV-19 lockdown is over, a family can enjoy their home and not miss a second of the summer season because of construction.
  • Cockroaches, gophers, and other pests taken out of a property, so a two-year old is not the first to find them

The Outcomes of what Essential Concierge and other professional Concierge Companies provides can be Priceless. So what should you look for when you hire a personal concierge company to assist you with your residential needs?

  • Ask about their experience, ask about their background
  • Ask if they’re insured and bonded
  • Then add in relationship, and determine how you feel about the interaction

When you trust a concierge with your house keys, be sure you feel good about their ability to provide the outcomes you desire.

Essential Concierge has been in business for over 14 years serving both the commercial & luxury residential sectors. While we provide an array of services for residents, our team specializes in the care and management of vacation estates. Essential Concierge also provides professional coaching to support others in this industry with business strategies and mindset to produce the outcomes that CEO’s want for their business.